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Fake Influencer Characters: Where the TRUE Story Starts.

I repost this for those of you unfamiliar with my approach to mixed reality documentary filmmaking. 

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Introducing a film about fake influence

Now heading in to month 9 of the Making an Influencer experiment, i am developing the project in a direction i have been thinking a lot about. Mockumentary film.

Why Mockumentary?

I believe one of the best ways to reach a wider audience with an important message is though comedy, especially satire. When it comes to financial and economic based films and documentaries, it is very easy for the viewer to lose interest, although beautifully produced these films are often presented very formally with much emphasis placed on numbers, greed and fear.

Cryptocurrency films are often also serving to only highlight similar aspects with the addition of high-tech and crime. These topics together i believe can be conveniently wrapped up in a satirical form to create a more entertaining – and so – accessible narrative for mainstream audiences.

In an effort to apply what i have discovered in the Making an Influencer project and in order to convey parallels between both the crypto economy and the market driven economy that we are all subjected too, pre-production has begun on a film which is currently being called The Fakefluencer.


I am incredibly interested in fake power, especially how it is peddled online by so called influencers. Influence in the traditional sense has often been wielded by men and women of power; those in politics, the media and business.

While presidents and prime ministers influence popular opinion and markets, often those operating behind the scenes; the so called power brokers can get shit done that leaves a lasting impression, they get the kind of shit done that those in the public eye cannot be seen associating with.

And no i’m not talking about the “deep state,” i’m talking about the persistent and sometimes viral ideas spread by the likes of people such as Roy Cohn and Roger Stone.

The crypto-influencer persona, or fake influencer is the vehicle from which i hope to tell the story of how people behave in crypto economics and the global economy are remarkably alike, and how people can think differently about a world in which fakefluence is part of everyday life.

In Addition more info relevant to our unique production approach can be found at the 12 episode Youtube playlist below where we documented the behind the scenes “making of” the production of The Fakefluencer

We also conducted a one-off interview with then Marketing Director – Adriana Silva, to set the record straight in public from the beginning:

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