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Hexicans and The Time Value of Money wins public vote

We recently ran a vote online for which crypto project lead investigator character Tom Gillespie should look into next.

The project known as HEX who’s followers call themselves Hexicans won by a landslide.

We are now in pre-production planning of the documentary – Hexicans And The Time Value Of Money. (A working title)

While Tom Gillespie’s previous film was fictional, we intend for this production to be entirely non-fiction with only Tom Gillespie himself being a fictional character.

You can learn more and follow the production here:


If you are not familiar with our character Tom Gillespie and haven’t seen The Fakefluencer movie yet go have a look-see at

If you are up to speed on Toms previous investigation and want to get behind his next investigation into crypto project HEX, you can help more than you will ever know by doing one of the following:

1. Go give Tom some leads on Social Media.
Tom is typically found on the following Social media channels:

2. Invite a mate to follow along or join us at:

On The Production

The Hexicans documentary is currently in pre-production planning stage and is estimated to take around 9 -12 months to complete the full production.

We cannot move forward into the pre-production stage and onwards until we have raised the capital required to cover the cost of production.

We will release more information in the coming weeks and months in regards to financing the production of Hexicans and the Time Value of Money.

For now we have 4 ways you can get behind us at:

Follow the production here: