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The Fakefluencer film production in numbers

It has been one year exactly since i put fingers to keyboard for The Fakefluencer film project and although i have not met the publishing deadline i had hoped for of April 2nd 2021 (International fact checking day) the film will be out this April 2021.

As I near the end of this manic, troublesome but often delightful journey, here are some of the numbers from the year on production of The Fakefluencer.

  • Cast: 26
  • Crew: 15
  • Locations: 12
  • Scenes: 22
  • Acts: 6
  • Props: 18
  • Outfits: 34
  • Pre-production hours: 1190
  • Production hours: 450
  • Post- production hours: on-going
  • Captured data: 9TB
  • Social media accounts: 34
  • Hours messing about on social media: 2409
  • Social media posts: 3490
  • Subscribers (People in on the true story as of todays date) 355
  • Cats harmed in the making of The Fakefluencer: 0

With so many hours committed by so many people wouldn’t you be curious to see how it turned out?

Grab a free screening here:

Thanks a million to all involved, i am forever grateful for your time and enthusiasm and assuming you are up for it, I look forward to working with you on future projects.