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The Fakefluencer. Did I Hit My Key Objectives?

Just over a year ago i set out to produce my first film. Off the back of what i had seen while working in the crypto industry i decided to shoot a Mockumentary film. I figured this would give the room needed for failures and mishaps in the production process to potentially become part of the film itself. Some see bugs where others see features.

As the film is about a guy trying to make a real documentary investigation about a crypto scam that he got wrapped up in, there would be a natural change that he would have to go through as he learned the skills needed to produce his documentary for Australian television.

Now in the final throws of post production i can see this approach appears to have worked to some degree. People say when you make a film, you actually end up making three films, the one you write, the one you shoot and the one you edit.

While i did not anticipate such a massive change in the story, as i moved along the production process, the story i wrote just over a year ago does bare some resemblance to the film i just exported to my desktop, only presented in a slightly different way.

Over the last year, each month i sent out a production vlog update to subscribers, and last month (April) was month eleven, in which i promised the film would be out by the end of that month. Well, now its May and the film is locked and ready, now it’s just a matter of collecting all the remaining missing rights papers and sync licences and it will be good to go public.

Before it goes public it will be available to subscribers to watch for free for one week, that week will be weak nineteen. If you are reading this before then, go grab a ticket here.

Key Project Objectives

Before i started this project i had a few objectives that i wanted to hold on to no matter what happened. These objectives acted like a ships navigation equipment, to help keep me on track and make sure that the projects goals stayed aligned and relevant to the subject matter.

Right up until i exported the film yesterday i was quite sure that the objectives were still in tact. However, now after watching the film several times, listening to the film and making numerous adjustments i’m less confident that i have met all my objectives.

The “what if” vortex

I fear i may have become subject to the “what if” vortex. Having not edited a feature film before i found it very tempting to add in additional material, however i had a rather strict six act character arc structure that i frequently referenced in order to not veer off track too much, the one question i still have that keeps me up at night is whether i have the charter development timing correct.

That said, i believe i have met most of my original objectives.

They were to:

  1. Use comedy to make the culture and philosophy around crypto more accessible.
  2. Make the protagonist Tom Gillespie a conduit for viewers outside the crypto world to travel within.
  3. Show the similarities between the crypto economy and the regular global economy.
  4. Prove self-distributing your indie film online is a viable alternative to selling to streaming platforms.
  5. Utilise blockchain in a fun and creative way.

In addition i wanted the film to act as a warning to those younger folk that think becoming a crypto influencer (and so by default a trader and peddler of coins) is their path to financial freedom. while it for sure has and will make many rich, for you to win trading, someone else has to lose.

So it’s my warning that unless you wish to contribute to creating masses of losers all across the planet through speculating on digital assets, whether tied to legit projects or not; be conscious there are much more interesting and fulfilling ways to be in crypto.

Build something awesome with people that benefits the many not just the few, and create winners all across the planet together.

If you would like to see if i hit my objectives for this project, you can watch the film at

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