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Launching of Crypto Movie Club

After working in the crypto industry for nine years I have witnessed pretty much all there is to see when it comes to the ups and downs and strange but true stories the industry has to offer. I’ve experienced almost every character type from the hyper crypto-libertarians to the self-proclaimed blockchain socialists.

Having such a diverse broad set of experiences In 2021 I became confident enough to put it all down into a script for my first feature film titled The Fakefluencer. I wanted a way to capture and share all those characters that I had met along the way in my journey through the crypto economy but in a way my own mother could understand. Whether I achieved that or not is up for debate, you’ll have to watch The Fakefluencer and let me know if you think I hit my intended targets.

Now in post-production on my second feature film tiled Hexicans & The Time Value of Money I realise many of the questions that plagued my first production are once again a topic of internal debate around how to best integrate some of the tools made available by the very technology I satirise in my work.

While we had some success with the character NFT’s from The Fakefluencer seeing just under sixty thousand character NFT’s minted by the public on the WAX blockchain, in my current production I’m curious to see how we might do something different and more mutely beneficial to both the production team and the small but valued following the first production garnered online.

Having met and interviewed with numerous film related crypto projects I have witnessed an explosion in people pouring into the crypto movie making space, largely premised on empowering creators via the potential economic benefits of handling the intellectual property, merchandise, avatars and other creative outputs associated with the movie making process.

It actually led me to draft out a suggested Studio DAO structure that I still believe could deliver on a lot of the demands made by indie filmmakers and creatives from all sectors when it comes to making use of blockchain tools for mutually beneficial economic benefit.

The Now Now

Fast forward to today and I, as many working in this particular area of crypto appear to continue to have great interest in developing these tools into viable products and services. And so Crypto Movie Club was born.

The intention with this club is to bring together some of the best minds working in the crypto filmmaking arena to share and discuss potential solutions to some of the problems made so apparent by the traditional filmmaking industry, and to see if blockchain can actually bring additional value to those that have struggled for so long in the funding, production and distribution of their stories.

The Crypto Movie Club will have weekly Twitter Spaces sessions with guest speakers working in the crypto movie economy. 

Join us on Clubhouse for in-depth sessions with industry experts working with Blockchain, NFT’s, DAO’s and new Tokenomic models designed to further empower creatives.

If you are working in this sector and have some unique insights to share

please do not hesitate to ping us on Twitter @cryptomovieclub

Rich Tella