Rich Tella Filmography



Alan Watts Narrates My Life

It’s been a long time since i last listened to any Alan Watts lectures, but i still have mobile notifications set to ‘ON’ for the @AllanWattsDaily Twitter account. I think i was around my early 20s when i started listening to him somewhat frequently (I tend to binge on topics intensely for a while before moving on to the next interesting thing) I would listen to his lectures and early readings about Eastern Philosophy and in particular Taoism, i became quite enamored by his words and the way in which he stringed them together. While practising some slow motion video shooting in the woods over the weekend, i decided to make a short montage and in doing so concluded nothing happens in these clips, nothing.

Listen to most video production professionals on the various youtube channels available for learning video production and they all typically say your goal is to captivate the audience, there are many ways to achieve this and i wondered if by adding Alan’s take on nothingness to my clip montage (with mainly nothing happening) i might capture something else within the viewer.