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Chance Empathy

Chance plays a rather large role in life in general, we all experience it somehow, some time or another. Lately i have really felt like chances have been arising left right and center for me, i am still not fully sure how they arise or why, but i have a theory that goes something like this:

Connecting with people that are willing to give you a chance, no matter what it is, no matter how strange it may seem at first glance makes me think that somewhere along their own journey they have also experienced the same thing.

Someone, somewhere down the line has given them a chance in the past, and when they look at me they are reminded of a chance they were given. Even if it was twenty years ago, deep down, they recall that person giving them that chance; and how it set them on the path towards where they are today, if you are attentive you can just about hear the nostalgia in their tone when you first speak with them.

I write this because i often wonder why some people even bother with me to the extent that they do, why is this person even interested in what i am trying to do? why should they use up their precious time on my crazy project ideas?

I recently came to the realisation that perhaps they were once in my position and someone gave them a chance to hear them out, and this single chance changed their world and lead them on a path toward something they hold dearly to this day.

It made me feel (if i am accurate in my theory) that the world must be filled with people like this, all able to recall when they were given a chance that helped them realise their potential, and in holding on to that moment, are easily able to give others the chance they need to achieve what they need to achieve.

So something i would suggest looking out for when you meet people who you need to help you unlock a door or even join you on a quest, is empathy.

Can they relate to my struggle?

Does the journey I am on resonate at all with them?

If you look and listen closely you should be able to answer these questions within the first few moments together.