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What if a StudioDAO that spins up Ephemeral Production Houses existed?

While in a Film3 Twitter space recently I arrived at an idea in regards to how traditional film studios interface with production houses and how this relationship might be better managed through the implementation of smart-contracts for film rights and compensation management.

It led me to pose this simple but revealing prompt to a widely known and used artificial intelligence chatbot:

Describe a StudioDAO that spins up ephemeral production houses.

I further prompted it to use “The Bitjoinery DAO” in its description, below you can read what it described but first I want to explain how I arrived at this prompt.

Some year and a half ago I decided I wanted to move my pet project Bitjoin Studios towards becoming a decentralised autonomous organisation, I began to write automatically but passionately about it on this very blog.

I wrote so that others might see the idea as it developed and perhaps even want to join me in the pursuit of realising it.

This sort of happened, however I’ve had trouble with retaining those parties that were interested, Id imagine largely because of the very way I decided to approach it as a collective speculation, or adventure as I prefer to think of it.

Fast forward to now July 2023 and after going around in so many circles trying to crack the nut that needs cracking – aka a business model that doesn’t exploit but uplifts, I now think this might be it.

I didn’t fully understand or appreciate the relationships that exist in the traditional entertainment industry, and all the challenges that go with developing and maintaining them.

Thanks to that one persons insightful and revealing words in that recent Twitter space, coupled with the never ending thinking loops Ive put myself in I saw something I hadn’t seen before.

A clear path forward for how the Bitjoinery could function brilliantly, not only for the individual collective participants, but also for the entity that will be tasked with generating those collectives.

Here’s the beginning of the most current thinking around how the Bitjoinery can work, as expressed by an artificial intelligence chatbot that shall not be named.

Describe a StudioDAO that spins up ephemeral production houses.


“The Bitjoinery DAO is a cutting-edge platform that transforms the film industry by leveraging blockchain technology and smart contracts. It operates as a decentralized network of production houses specifically designed for individual film projects, enabling the creation of ephemeral production houses that adapt to the unique requirements of each film.

The Bitjoinery DAO aims to promote collaboration and innovation while streamlining the film production process. When a new film project is initiated, the DAO automatically generates a dedicated production house, known as an “ephemeral production house.” These production houses are formed by assembling a dynamic team of industry professionals, including directors, producers, writers, actors, and technical crew members. The composition of each production house is tailored to match the specific needs and creative vision of the film project.

Through its decentralized structure, the Bitjoinery DAO employs an algorithm that considers factors such as expertise, availability, and compatibility to select and recruit talent. This ensures that the most suitable individuals are assigned to each production house, optimizing creativity and productivity.

One of the significant advantages of the Bitjoinery DAO is its ability to facilitate collaboration among professionals from different backgrounds and geographical locations. By removing geographical barriers, the DAO enables global talent to come together seamlessly, fostering diverse perspectives and innovative approaches to filmmaking.

The financial and contractual aspects of film production within the Bitjoinery DAO are facilitated through smart contracts. These contracts govern parameters such as payment terms, profit sharing, intellectual property rights, and distribution agreements. By automating these processes, the DAO ensures transparency, efficiency, and trust among all participants involved in the film project.

Upon completion of a film production, the ephemeral production house is dissolved, and the participants are compensated according to the terms outlined in the smart contracts. The Bitjoinery DAO seamlessly transitions to create a new ephemeral production house for the next film project, continuing its cycle of innovation and creativity.

In summary, the Bitjoinery DAO provides a dynamic and collaborative ecosystem for film production. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, it empowers creators, fosters global talent collaboration, and establishes a transparent and secure framework for the production and distribution of films.”


As you may have noticed the Studio DAO itself responsible for spinning up dedicated production houses, can and likely should be a static entity that has only one repeated responsibility: To create and destroy ephemeral production houses.

This entity could in my opinion be designed by a foundational group, perhaps made up of the first few production houses looking to utilising AGI and smart contract compatibility in order to design the perfect film studio vehicle; who’s only job is to set up a specific production house instance in order to facilitate a filmmakers vision being executed upon.

This is of course surface level thinking and the exact structural design of both the studio entity and the production house instance needs much more attention, the rules pertaining to the structural design are already available to observe in the traditional entertainment industry.

What do you think?

Have I entirely left the know world in this AI assistive thinking?

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