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The FF Production Update

On March 22nd 2020 i put fingers to keyboard and began to write my first feature length film. As some of you may know i have been developing an online character that pokes fun at the crypto-influencer persona so prevalent in the cryptocurrency space, you can learn more about my motivations for that (ongoing) project here.

I decided to develop the characters story into a film, and while i don’t want to spoil the film at this early stage i set up a production stream so that those persons interested by the film project can quickly see the current status of the production.

Current Status

After almost one month of building the story structure and writing the first draft of the manuscript, with the working title – The Fakefluencer – i have come to a point where i am able to move in to production however, the genre i have selected to tell this story allows for a fair amount of improvisation when it comes to shooting.

The mockumentary film format (based on the documentary format) provides for a level of realism that can be exploited in interesting ways. It is also an affordable format as it does not require masses of expensive equipment to produce.

There are twenty three characters in the film across nineteen scenes, and to date i have been able to confirm sixteen volunteers to act in the film, including myself and through reaching out to close friends and family THANK YOU!! you know who you are : )

As the overall story structure and script is now completed i have decided rather than to refine it too much at this early stage, (considering the format i will use) i intend to iterate into the production phase scene by scene character by character.

I am conscious of the importance of maintaining the overarching storyline and how each character and scene will contribute to that story line, for this reason i intend to move forward in to production starting in May 2020.

Starting with breaking down each scene, refining the dialogues with the actors, embracing improvisation and most importantly not being afraid to deviate from each scenes scripting if and when it makes sense.

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Artwork by Erik Hartmann