Rich Tella Filmography


People connect with people, not technology.

Mission! Take a supposedly relatively easy to understand invisible yet magical new software programming language, and begin to attract software developers (ideally already skilled) to come to physical locations around the world and start to learn how to use the new language.

In these videos (mostly shot on the fly while in NYC) i relied somewhat on the spontaneity of both Riccardo and Jahan talking amongst themselves with little added direction from yours truly. My aim was to make the information being discussed in this video a little more human, by showing two humans talking about it in a fairly relaxed setting.

The cut aways to city life and the chosen location outside the Consensus 2019 Blockchain event all work to draw the viewer further in to the world of the two characters talking about the new technology. I was also able to make use of the more playful footage where Riccardo and Jahan where ad-libbing and having fun simply being in the city.

Check out the 2 videos below, just 4 mins each.