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My Producer Backstory In Under 3 Minutes

Rich Tella here, filmmaker, documentarian, video editor, scriptwriter, sometimes actor sometimes Music Maker. 2023 marks the ninth year of me making videos, films and documentaries and over the next three minutes I’d like to share a little bit with you what happened over those nine years.

In 2014 I started Bitjoin, a YouTube channel that focused on interviews with founders of cryptocurrency businesses I interviewed with some of the brightest minds in the space and learned a lot about the technology and the hopes and dreams of those working in the crypto industry.

This eventually led to me making my first documentary short titled Founded, in 2015 I got started producing real estate videos and commercial content for small to medium-sized businesses and from 2015 to 2017 I worked producing commercial video content eventually developing my own unique approach of documentary video marketing putting more focus on the founders and the owners of companies and told their product stories through the very people that created them.

In 2017 I was Director of Photography on Klättra För Livet: Cimb for Life, a Swedish documentary that told the story of two friends as they journeyed to the top of Sweden’s biggest mountain Kebnekaise in order to fulfil one of their late friends life ambitions to reach the top.

Producing video in both Swedish and English in 2018 I published my first full-length Swedish documentary Guldmaskinen: The Gold Machine, a story of a quirky Swedish inventor that raised the vast amount of capital for an invention that never was

In 2018 I also published Svenska Kocken: The Swedish Chef, my first micro documentary where I took a closer look at the origins of the famous Swedish Chef character from The Muppets.

From 2018 to 2020 I worked as Creative Director at Chromaway a tech company focusing on scalable blockchain technology producing audio motion graphics short form documentary and educational based video content for software developers and the broader community.

In 2021 I wrote directed and starred in The Fakefluencer, a crypto mockumentary that aimed to shine a light on the murky world of crypto and what people working in the crypto industry believe about the world. Nominated for several International Festival Awards and eventually winning IndyFair’s best experimental film.

Most recently at the end of the 2022 I published my first documentary miniseries Hexicans and the Time value of Money, a continuation of The Fakefluencer film it tells the story of an Australian journalist that investigates the controversial cryptocurrency Community known as Hexicans.

Along the way I’ve created countless short films and other more experimental video contents but right now in 2023 I’m looking to get back to where my passion has always been, producing engaging stories with intriguing people.

If you have a unique story to tell or simply need help producing distributing and editing video content for your business or your project, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at

Thanks for reading.

Rich Tella