Rich Tella Filmography


Month 7 of Making an Influencer


Thanks for staying tuned in to this experiment, this month i only made on piece of content, but it was possibly one of the most fun pieces i have made yet, check it out here: and if your feeling overly spiritual dont forget to join the MOD here:

This month (amongst other things) this happened:

Increase in censorship on crypto reddit, also growing concern on YT outside of crypto
Copyright claims on IG, seem their algos cant distinguish between covers and originals keen for the MOD, encouraging connect on Twitter
Created MOD graphics, Member medallions. Yet to distribute.
Recording Decentralized song – a look at the lyrics, see blog post:
Organising to make a stand out music video in the real world, met a friend and their band to see if we can shoot something live.
Googling the bman to see what comes up:
Figuring out where the story is going, seem to be letting it take its own path.
Enjoying making music, better recording of previous I’m a Bitman song to start to put an album together, shout out to Bengt!
Only made one new piece of content all month – the music video, recycling old content.
The gifs start to pay off on Twitter: new friends on CT
Release of music vid, feedback:
Got blocked by biggest influencer Ivan on Tech for calling him out.
First podcast booked with Ken Bosak
Still yet to do a livestream of the MOD congregation due to nerves.