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Making an Influencer Experiment Month 6

On Reflection taking a satirical character, and have him launch a semi serious ministry is a tough transition to follow, in this episode we are going to take a quick look at the MOD manifesto together and i’ll share my thinking around this pursuit. I would also like to take a look at the hero’s journey to see where bman is at. At the end of the month the MOD has 17 members up 7 since the start of the month, i have missed two congregations mainly as I am having trouble getting all the exact pieces of the ceremony in place and also I have yet to record the new soundtrack.

Pointers for month 6:

  1. MOD has 10 followers at the start of the month
  2. Live stream pasting direct from YT to Bittube is a thang
  3. Prepping for the first MOD congregation
  4. Recruiting good peeps on bittube external of crypto
  5. Bittube local map – first in Australia
  6. End of the month has 17 members
  7. Have not been able to leave the centralized world fully!
  8. Break down the idea behind the MOD
  9. The hero’s journey, where is b-man so far

Watch BitMan360 read the MOD manifesto here:

Join the MOD here: