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Introduction to the Making an Influencer Experiment 

Although this experiment is somewhat incognito in its efforts i wish to set a public record of my thoughts and inspirations for going forward with this idea, as in my opinion it has the potential to become a fairly explosive endeavour. 

Over the past six years I have been making videos, observing other channels and generally lurking in the Youtube crypto realm i noticed a number of things I find funny and potentially ripe for disruption; that is, the seriousness of you tubers in the crypto space and how much of the content is geared around profiting from pumping and manipulating coin projects. 

That! and also how any chump can give out their thoughts on a given project with zero knowledge or credible research, this obviously leads to a ton of disinformation and continues to create both problems for newbies and also great marketing opportunities for blockchain based projects with a coin attached to their project that desperately need the attention. 

So I decided to create a crypto-character to see how easy it is to gain a solid platform in the crypto influencer space; and also have a few laughs along the way. The character is called BitMan360, an Australian from Adelaide that is an ex scooter professional. He lost almost all of his money in the bitcoin crash of 2017 but not dismayed his experience left him inspired to become an influencer in the space.

The project aims to last 12 months or is intended to end once BitMan gets invited to partake on another serious crypto influencers youtube channel (that i the producer have not met before) to share 360’s opinions.

But whats a serious crypto influencer? For the sake of argument i will base the definition of a serious crypto influencer on YouTube as anyone (like 360 himself) that is trying to create a brand in the crypto influencer niche using social media. 

BitMan aims to post each week to YouTube with complimentary fluff and anecdotal thoughts and inspirations posted to his Instagram channel. I will also keep a diary to document the experiment and my experiences behind the scenes. Published at the end of each month you can follow what i learn here.

BitMan360 communicates at the following links: