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If the Gillespie series was a Film

The Degen Generation Documentary Series project found at continues to take twists and turns in many directions down many rabbit holes and while I have mapped out a first episode and continue to work with it I asked myself what If this production was not a series, but a film.

This is what I envisioned and what my trusty assistant came up with as a suggestion. For the record this is a draft and you will have seen similar movies before, just not within the crypto degen category. I dont dare ask my trusty assistant what the budget would be for producing such a film, but given the five degens likely would have large bags to play with it wont be cheap to make.

Anyway heres the essentials:

Title: “Crypto Convergence”

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Logline: In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency, five disparate individuals with one thing in common – a penchant for risk-taking and a love for the crypto space – find their lives unexpectedly entwined when they stumble upon a mysterious free bag of cryptocurrency. As they navigate the unpredictable highs and lows of the market, their paths cross in unexpected ways, leading to a rollercoaster of hilarious and heartwarming adventures.

Brief: The short film “Crypto Convergence” delves into the chaotic lives of five cryptocurrency enthusiasts, or “crypto degens,” who discover a common thread that intertwines their destinies. Each character is introduced in their unique world, showcasing their diverse backgrounds, personalities, and approaches to the volatile world of digital assets.


  1. Max “Moonshot” Montgomery – A young, ambitious day trader who spends his days glued to his computer screen, hunting for the next big crypto opportunity. Max is driven by the dream of achieving financial freedom through his trades.
  2. Olivia “The Hodler” O’Connell – A seasoned investor with a more cautious approach, Olivia believes in holding onto her investments for the long term. She works a traditional 9-to-5 job but spends her evenings researching and strategizing her crypto portfolio.
  3. Charlie “The Miner” Chang – An eccentric software engineer with a passion for crypto mining. Charlie is constantly tweaking his mining rigs to maximize his profits. His quirky personality and obsession with technology make him stand out in the crypto community.
  4. Sophia “The Influencer” Santos – A social media influencer with a large following in the crypto space. Sophia’s glamorous lifestyle is fueled by partnerships with various crypto projects. Her online presence hides a more complicated relationship with financial success.
  5. Elijah “The Newbie” Newman – A college student who recently discovered the world of cryptocurrencies. Elijah is still learning the ropes and represents the newcomers entering the crypto scene with wide-eyed enthusiasm.

Plot: The catalyst for the story is a mysterious free bag of cryptocurrency that each character independently stumbles upon. As they navigate the ups and downs of the market, their lives intersect in unexpected ways. Max may find himself relying on Olivia’s long-term perspective, Charlie’s mining expertise could come in handy for Sophia’s influencer persona, and Elijah’s fresh perspective might just be what the group needs to navigate the ever-changing crypto landscape.

Through comedic and dramatic moments, the characters learn valuable lessons about friendship, collaboration, and the unpredictable nature of life in the crypto world. The film culminates in a surprising twist that brings them together for a heartwarming conclusion.

“Crypto Convergence” is a lighthearted exploration of the crypto subculture, blending humor and drama to capture the essence of the unique and rapidly evolving world of digital currencies.

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