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How to tell if you’re a Libtard Snowflake 

New terms of endearment pop up rather frequently across the internet, one such term is a portmanteau of Liberal and Retard – Libtard, you likely would have heard all about it by now, but have you asked yourself – am i a Libtard Snowflake? Chances are yes, yes you are! at least by certain peoples standards, which it can be fair to say are often way way off.

Putting the Snowflake in your Libtard

When one first hears or sees the word Libtard it is often coupled together with the word snowflake, after some searching online it appears this occurs because of it’s connection to something called the Special Snowflake Syndrome, described as the following in the Urban Dictionary:

“A malady affecting a significant portion of the world’s population wherein the afflicted will demand special treatment, conduct themselves with a ludicrous, unfounded sense of entitlement, and generally make the lives of everyone around them that much more miserable”

The Needs and Wants of Libtards

Libtard snowflakes according to some, are in the need of “safe spaces”, as places isolated from the political noise of people and ideas they disagree with. They are quick to the labeling of some people they disagree with as sexist, racist, bigots. They are prominent in the shutting down of “hate speech” as some form of free speech they see as divisive.

Safe Spaces

The idea that you are entitled to a safe space in which you will be isolated from your beliefs being challenged is not a new idea, the people demanding such things are surely navigating a similar path religious leaders would have had when setting up new religious dwellings in foreign countries. Isolating oneself in their beliefs, safe in “my space” where i can rest safe in the knowledge that i wont have to have “my beliefs” challenged. How is the requests of the Libtards different from what religious followers have been privy to for millennia?

If you are in need of others to always agree with you politically, (even religiously) – and get emotionally hurt when they don’t agree with your worldview; you sir/madam are considered a Libtard Snowflake – i belive the term is gender neutral.


All people love to label stuff, things, other people. It’s Very much how we make sense of the world. To often though, we default to these labels on mere observation – quickly placing people in ever more categorised boxes until we feel we know them and are either happy or unhappy to continue the relationship. Snowflakes are no different, if you are quick to call something or someone out that you disagree with by labeling it/them something super derogatory in an instant, you sir/madam are considered a Libtard Snowflake.

Hate Speech

Arguing either side on hate speech can be a particular fine line to walk as legally defining what is meant by an individual person’s speech can lead society down a very dark path, potentially leading to the policing and enforcement of some kinds of speech, it can be argued Britain already has this to some degree. Does that make Britain a Libtard Snowflake?

Did you find yourself opposing this short dissection above? Did you get “triggered”? well done, you are widely considered to be a Libtard Snowflake.


Although i detest the values of what is currently called the Alt-right, i do think that the aspects of being liberally retarded are equally concerning, safe spaces are fine, it’s your choice to insulate yourself – but these spaces can also act as echo-chambers, in which you only hear voices that reinforce your world view, leaving you with less diversity when it comes to information inputted. Wouldn’t you rather have the widest informed perspective possible? That means speaking to people you disagree with, i should emphasise here, the right tend to shout rather than speak, and that can become quite annoying if you are not used to it  – hence perhaps retreating to safe spaces.

Labels and Hate speech will always exist to some extent, although i do see a slow decline in many of the terms in the future; as we get to know one another better… by you guessed it… Speaking to one another! not shouting over the internet like many politically engaged persons seem to do currently.

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