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How I twenty twentied

Think ahead some ten years for a moment, you’re talking to a loved one about 2020, trying to explain the utter madness that took place that year. What do you say?

For me i’m talking to my son about what the world looked like when he was just two years old, in this conversation i’m unintentionally making 2020 sound pretty messed up, because it was. The problem of course is in that time frame ten or more years ahead, i’m unsure of how many more (If any) messed up years have passed since 2020.

What i can be quite sure of though, is that the shared reality we supposedly had as a species shall never be experienced together in the same way again. Much like ripping yourself multiple new neurological paths, producing my first feature film project in 2020 unlocked a thoughtgasm that has yet to be brought to a solid conclusive climax.

I was about to start writing the script for The Fakefluencer when the virus started to hit home, it started with the local village idiots buying up all the toilet paper. I first heard about that happening in a far away land called Australia.

Now it was happening at the end of my street, the rampant shameless idiocy riled me up, immediately followed by fear of missing out, and imagining a world where we all shit in our gardens from now on, like people used to do in the fifties in the industrial north of Britain.

I stuck my head in the sand, i had a rather challenging mission ahead of me and pre-production planning was already in motion; write and finalise the script to a point by the end of March so that I could start coordinating shooting the film. I’d never written a screenplay before, but as i had Bitman360s backstory and my own personal experience to build upon, the script flowed out of me without hiccup.

The Fakefluencer script broken down into scenes

I guess i was lucky because i knew what i wanted to say and how i wanted to say it, why i thought it was important to say it is because it felt like an elephant in the crypto room type subject. People had touched on it of course, but with all the riches people in crypto land people were enjoying post ICO bubble of 2017, nobody seemed to want to really rock the boat or give it any significance outside crypto land.

It also doesn’t befit the technologically or finically literate to speak in emotive terms, especially about money or power. I found this to be both funny and opportunistic, in my mind i saw a great opportunity to play and make fun of a self proclaimed industrial revolution that was turning out to be neither industrious nor revolutionary.

While i flowed through the drafting of the script, after the third version i was content to move forward, i’d sufficiently tackled the majority of the subject matter i wanted too, in a way that i believed would be more accessible to those outside finance and technology.

This was important because i hoped to bring attention and so pre-warn regular people about this weird world unfolding more or less behind a cloak of YouTubers peddling get rich schemes and often incomprehensible techno babble spouted by individuals that appeared to have never seen the light of day.

“Pay Just five grand and crank up your very own Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro to 110 hash rate and chill and watch the money pour in.”

Crypto Influencer #48283411

After drafting the script i was better able to see what it was i was really going to try to do with this film project, it became slightly easier to explain to others; and so in turn became easier to start to get help with making it happen.

I knew how to articulate my core motivation to others and the objective was now built on a solid foundational storyline. The story of fake influence in a largely misunderstood crypto economy, and how that relates to the global economy we all participate in everyday.

The Fakefluencer film is set to premiere on April 2nd 2021, and you can reserve a ticket to the premier as well as go behind the scenes of the production right now by visiting:

Or simply follow the production on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, but as with most things online you may not get the entire story : )

Rich Tella 

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