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Heading into Pre-production: Hexicans and the Time Value of Money

Two moths ago I published my first feature film, a Mockumentary about the crypto industry.

I wanted to show (amongst other things) how the crypto economy and the regular economy are alike, and how those standing on the peripheries might come to understand some of the unique aspects in the beliefs of those oddballs that frequent the space.

I had not made a fictional film before, previously sticking to short form documentaries of a scale that i could handle myself with limited resources.

That changed quite dramatically with the production of The Fakefluencer.

There is something magical about mixing realities between what happened historically in the real world and how it can later be interpreted/remixed by the recipient and forwarded onto others in new formats.

Thats what I attempted to do with The Fakefluencer. I took my 8+ years working/hustling/observing/building in the crypto economy and wrapped it up in an amalgam or curiosity and comedy.

While it was rather difficult to get entirely satisfied with the result, I feel I had ticked the boxes I wanted when it came to reaching my personal goals for the project, and so was content to publish.

Where next?

As I have come to understand it, part of entering the entertainment industry one must do something special, recognisable, unique. If only to cut through the extremely noisy and competitive industry chatter.

The thing is while I understand the value of the network effect, opening doors etc. Deep down I wanted to put a film out there that would help contribute towards future productions without necessarily requiring a tip of the hat from the entertainment industry.

Bitjoin Studios could in theory cover future production end to end, with just the funding coming from external sources.

We have the experience, knowledge and technical expertise to tell the stories that matter coming out of the crypto economy. The kind of stories that take time to research and interpret the long term social and economic impacts of. Not to mention the technical implementation and formatting of the project.

This is in-fact our USP.

We are on the cusp of a rewiring of the global economy and it’s going to be rather disruptive, not necessarily for people, people will adapt. But for governments who’s people will adapt.

As part of The Fakefluencer early marketing efforts in pre-production, lead protagonist Tom Gillepsie interviewed (undercover) with Richard Heart of HEX.

During production of The Fakefluencer and into post-production Tom & Bitman 360 interacted with a lot of Hexicans, those persons around the world that are super-fans of both Richard Heart and his HEX protocol.

Observing Richard Heart over the past years, and seeing where his community is at today has for me come to inspire our next production:

Hexicans and the Time Value of Money

Although still in the early stages of research, the hope is to get this production properly funded (unlike previous productions) and out within 12 to 18 months, ideally with the blessing of Richard Heart himself, of which i have continued to maintain a dialogue with online; even if he was a little pissed at finding out Tom Gillepsie is a fictional character.

So this post is a heads up!

You can follow early project updates via the Bitjoin Studios social account at the links below. And check out the production page on IMDB here.

And if you or someone you know would be interested to contribute or get involved somehow please feel free to reach out anytime.

Rich Tella


Bitjoin Studios