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FULL INTERVIEW with SCRYPT miner Linus Dunkers (Plus bonus material)

Looking at the content strategy

After releasing the interview with Linus over five days via YouTube exclusively – i have now consolidated and added a sixth (exclusive to PopChest) part in the hope that the audience will be keen to see the sixth part of the interview where Linus discusses his experience as a customer of KnC Miner.

Does this strategy make sense to you? Perhaps you have a better idea – please do let me know in the comments section below. 

Scaling Problem

Bitcoin is going through quite a change at the moment, a lot of what will unfold over the next few weeks is fairly unpredictable, no matter who you listen to. So it goes perhaps this is the worse time to be asking for micro donations in the digital currency, perhaps i should wait a little, until the smoke clears and we learn the fate of bitcoin as a payment system.

For me (although a lot of time goes in to editing these videos) it’s more important to get them out there and enjoyed, partly because the technology moves so fast, and it’s somewhat important to be current, but also because i just want the videos to be enjoyed.

You can find the first five episodes of the interview with linus on YouTube here, if you’re interested to watch the entire interview (28 mins) which includes bonus part six you can watch on PopChest here and support