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Film as a Startup Incubator

The following is an extract from our film project ‘The Fakefluencer’ Discord server.

Do you wanna get involved in the production of The Fakefluencer film?

We could use all the help we can get!

The film is designed to be a sort of seed for a creative DAO, i wont go in to detail here but you can google “Decentralized Autonomous Organisations” for more info.

Simply put you can think of the film itself as a jumping off point for launching other products and services, a bit like an incubator but in the land of fiction. This can be helpful because anyone could launch a service or product in the fictional world we have created and test the interest; with a real world product potentially coming out of it. This is a lot more affordable way to launch a product or service these days. See the Buttercup 3 from BitMan360 for inspiration.

Or the crazy new crypto Scootercoin in the #crypto channel, the channel for all things crypto related.

The film project orbits around crypto as a topic and has a character called BitMan360 who claims to have invented ScooterCoin which is now live: do you have some ideas for how to bring crypto into this world in a funny way, drop em here!

Head to the #tech channel for more on this weird and strange world we are creating.

I’ve personally always enjoyed the crossroads where tech meets art and this film project aims to pull out all the stops for embedding tech into the creative presentation of the film. At the top of the list currently is to take the gaming biz-model and apply it to the film, this way the viewer will be able to purchase services and products directly while watching the film. So as with gaming there would be in-film assets and an in-film currency.

See the #biz-dev channel for more on this ambitious effort at pushing the film biz-model.

Believe it or not this project is not only attached to some utopian dream of making a cult classic film, it’s also got an aim to make a profit. I know crazy right?!

Here’s how:

1. Purchasable Product placement – as mentioned before, we aim to have a way for all the products/services featured in the film instantly purchasable via a special video player which gives opportunity for multiple types of purchase options.

2. The characters are launching their own products, Tom Gillespie is writing a book – The Dao of Blockchain and Bitman360 is launching his Buttercup 3 scootering device.

3. A dedicated soundtrack album that can be purchased separately.

Oh and of course the film itself, we aim for 5M streams (at a single dedicated site) within 24 months, and thats where our unique #marketing approach comes in!

As described in the #biz-dev channel we are aiming to make a profit with this project and our first approach right now is to build an email list for the film premiere in Dec 2020. The aim is to get 2k of the best and most critical online personalities into the premiere, in the hope that there can be a great amount of PR generated off the back of the premiere event.

This would be an easy task if the goal was to simply fill the list, but it’s most important that the list be comprised of those individuals with the capacity to create content themselves and ideally be journalistic in their approach.

We have the main characters online already and we are working hard to generate interest from the target audience but if you have ideas and wanna help out, please do!

We have around 3months to fill the list in time for the premiere and English speaking nations are not a prerequisite as we want to reach the entire planet.

Rich Tella

Producer – The Fakefluencer Film

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