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Did your Web3 video marketing strategy really “humanise the brand?”

In the following post I’d like to highlight some of the challenges a Web3 startup founder might experience when applying video marketing to their overall marketing strategy. 

Eyes on The Prize

It’s no secret Web3 startup founders, like founders of any other type of startup, generally want to build successful and sustainable businesses that create value for their users and stakeholders. 

However, because Web3 technologies (such as blockchain, decentralised networks, and cryptocurrencies) are still relatively new and uncharted territory, founders in this space have some unique goals and challenges.

Web3 startup founders are often driven by a desire to create new and innovative solutions that takes advantage of the unique features of decentralized networks and blockchain technology.

They recognize the importance of building a strong community of users, contributors, and supporters who share their vision and can help drive adoption of their platform.

They often have a broader mission of creating a more decentralized and equitable future by empowering individuals and communities to have greater control over their data, finances, and digital identities.

To raise funding and grow quickly: Like any startup, they need to raise funding to grow and scale their businesses. However, because the Web3 space is still relatively new, funding may be more difficult to come by, and founders may need to navigate a complex regulatory landscape.

Because Web3 technologies are often built on open protocols and standards, there may be opportunities for Web3 startups to collaborate and partner with other projects and platforms to create greater value for their users and communities.

Feeding the Machine 

Web3 technology is still a new concept to many people, and video marketing can be a powerful tool for educating potential users, investors, and partners about the benefits and potential of Web3. Explainer videos, tutorials, and interviews with experts in the field can be used to educate the audience and build credibility.

Video marketing can also be used to showcase the product or service that the Web3 startup is offering. This can include product demos, case studies, and testimonials from satisfied users or customers. 

Video marketing can help to humanize the brand and create a personal connection with the audience. Founders can share their personal stories, values, and vision for the company, which can help to build trust and loyalty among potential users, investors, and partners.

Short-form video content can be highly effective for social media marketing, and Web3 startup founders can use platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Twitter to create engaging and shareable content that drives traffic and builds brand awareness.

Web3 startup founders can also use video marketing to host virtual events, such as webinars, conferences, and AMA sessions. These events can be used to engage with the audience, answer questions, and build relationships with potential users, investors, and partners.

Did you notice that these applications of video marketing are also being done by almost everyone in the Web2 space? 

Do you think the same rules apply in Web3? 

I tend to think not. 

Much of what has been described above, especially in a social media setting is essentially churn for the algorithms. Easily lost in a sea of startup content all applying the same logic and rules to a marketing strategy within a space that is not exactly known for its transparency and humanising aspects. No matter how often the word community is regurgitated.

If you feel your video marketing approach is not quite delivering as you may have anticipated, it could be that you are drowning in a sea of similar content, with a similar message – perhaps you can’t afford to pay the social media platforms as much as the bigger players in the space can?

While it’s important to put this very basic video content out there for general awareness, often this awareness content is quite forgettable, and eventually lost amongst a never ending sea of similar content. 

For new ways to cut through that deep deep sea of content churn, contact me, and together let’s get to the heart of the story behind your startup, together we can make light of your vision in an ongoing and lasting memorable way. 

Memorable like how you recall your first experience of your favourite comedian or musician, do you remember how they made you feel in that moment? 

I’d hazard a guess that you do. 

Rich –