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Vetting ICOs

The world of Digital Currency has changed dramatically. I am unsure i should even be calling it 'The world of Digital Currency' anymore as it

FULL INTERVIEW with SCRYPT miner Linus Dunkers (Plus bonus material)

After releasing the interview with Linus over five days via YouTube exclusively – i have now consolidated and added a sixth (exclusive to PopChest) part in the hope that the audience will be keen to see the sixth part of the interview where Linus discusses his experience as a customer of KnC Miner.

The Wayback Machine 

I am consistently shocked at how many people i speak to that haven’t heard of the internet archives Wayback Machine, its a truly remarkable tool,

Strictly no elephants (Qwids Cross-Post)

BETA UPDATE #8 Question. Can the customer of your customer, also be considered your customer? Immediate reaction, “Well no, not really.” Secondary reaction, “I guess

Subreddit – CMV – Change My View

Discovery A recent podcast episode by Planet Money entitled ‘On Second Thought’ brought my attention to a subreddit called Change My View. In this post i would