Hexicans Production Vlog – Month 1

At just two weeks into pre production planning of the Hexicans documentary we have a competing documentary, a law suit, and already hundreds of Hexicans for Tom to interview with. Here's just some of what happened in the first month on production of Hexicans and the Time Value of Money. Get the monthly production update … Continue reading Hexicans Production Vlog – Month 1

Hexicans initIal STORY development -Finding TOMS EDGE.

It's been fourteen days since Tom Gillespie accidentally staked 5000 USD worth of HEX and that has provided me with fourteen days of preliminary investigation to find out what the real story of Hexicans and The Time Value of Money should be. Notice i said "should" there. While I am taking a different approach to … Continue reading Hexicans initIal STORY development -Finding TOMS EDGE.

First Video Log for project FF

For those of you that followed the Making an Influencer project can now follow the production and the ongoing development of the resulting film here. In order to not have Google index these posts in associating with the film project; i will use the title 'FF' for the film project going forward. Below you will … Continue reading First Video Log for project FF


Becoming a filmmaker in 2020, who'd be crazy enough to try such a thing without the adequiet capital and resources? Well, i decided i am ready, and just about crazy enough. I've been working with video production, primarily in the documentary format since 2014, i've produced over 500 videos from startup commercials, social ads, journalistic … Continue reading Filmtrepreneurial

Filming Pro Jazz Musicians

Recently i had the pleasure of filming with the extremely talented Erik Dahlbeck on drums,  Anders Ekholm on saxophone and Peter Jansson playing on bass. First published to Facebook live, this video gained over eight thousand views in its first 24 hours. Watch it on Facebook here.  My first time shooting from three angles, two … Continue reading Filming Pro Jazz Musicians