Feigning Social on Social Media

If you had asked me anytime over the past few years would i partake in the presentation of fictional characters on the internet, i'd likely have said no, and that i have enough problems maintaining my own various online accounts. Fast forward to today, August 30th 2020 and i'm developing and maintaining the online presence … Continue reading Feigning Social on Social Media

How to tell if you’re still a Slacktivist in 2020

Personally i don't like getting political on social media largely because i perceive it as ineffective, but as everything can and is politicised here i go. Having strong opinions and expressing them online frequently often appears to serve more as an outlet for the individual, a way to vent, to feel like they're taking action, … Continue reading How to tell if you’re still a Slacktivist in 2020

Fact-checking websites are not the answer

What are the primary roles of the major media outlets these days? Those media that feel obligated to report on stories in far away lands, the kind of stories that stop a reader in their tracks and have them whisper to themselves "what the heck?" resulting in them having only one choice, to share it … Continue reading Fact-checking websites are not the answer

If Facebook was Owned by its Users

Preface In the current decentralised application development landscape we see slowly unfolding, it’s very easy to disregard the end user, they are after all faceless anybodies to some extent. If a marketer were to try segment out persons that are most likely to be interested in a new decentralised social media application for example they … Continue reading If Facebook was Owned by its Users

Working For Instagram And The Great Dis”Content”Ment (2min Read)

SMALL SCREEN BIG VISTAThe absolute irony of trying to use Instagram to market a video production service that deals largely in widescreen cinematic shots is not lost on me, infact it quite annoys me if asked. I think it a challenge someone could enjoy the enormous vast expanse or perspective a video stream from a … Continue reading Working For Instagram And The Great Dis”Content”Ment (2min Read)

Subreddit – CMV – Change My View

Discovery A recent podcast episode by Planet Money entitled 'On Second Thought' brought my attention to a subreddit called Change My View. In this post i would like to share a little about this discovery. The premise of the CMV sub is as follows: "A place to post an opinion you accept may be flawed, in an effort … Continue reading Subreddit – CMV – Change My View

Geek-Tech Advertising

After spending quite some time now figuring out where Qwids can fit into the marketplace here in Sweden, I recently happened across an article called: "Social media marketing' is completely useless – but it could be a lot better" This article (By Samuel Scott) impacted me greatly and appeared to somewhat reaffirm my personal thoughts around … Continue reading Geek-Tech Advertising