Fake Influencer Characters: Where the TRUE Story Starts.

I repost this for those of you unfamiliar with my approach to mixed reality documentary filmmaking.  Original post: https://richtella.com/2020/03/27/introducing-the-fakefluencer-production-stream ———————- Introducing a film about fake influence Now heading in to month 9 of the Making an Influencer experiment, i am developing the project in a direction i have been thinking a lot about. Mockumentary film.Continue reading “Fake Influencer Characters: Where the TRUE Story Starts.”

The Fakefluencer Link Tree

With so many moving parts with The Fakefluencer film project we figured it useful for those of you interested in following the story online, to be able to easily access all the various narrative dimensions of the project. Below you will find all the links related to the main characters Tom Gillespie and BitMan 360;Continue reading “The Fakefluencer Link Tree”

The Fakefluencer Production Vlog Month 10

In month 10 we find out more about how the production of the new up and coming crypto film The Fakefluencer is developing. Already signed up? Invite your friends to the free online film premiere here: https://www.thefakefluencer.com/mate LINKS: Tim Tayshun interview: https://youtu.be/DOUtQSwBJZgCrowd 1 BBC Africa documentary: https://youtu.be/M0EjjArvzXAVitalik Interview: https://youtu.be/q1ml6kiFkiACrypto crime investigation course: https://www.cryptoinvestigatortraining.comFilm stream website:https://thefakefluencer.movieTheContinue reading “The Fakefluencer Production Vlog Month 10”