Production Vlog for The Fakefluencer – Episode 12

In this, the final production vlog episode for The Fakefluencer film we wrap up the last parts of the production and introduce some fun ideas for utilising NFTs to grow awareness for the projects characters as we head into the marketing phase. Start watching it for free at Visit us at: And … Continue reading Production Vlog for The Fakefluencer – Episode 12

FinTech, DeFi & the rise of the Citizen Banker

Ideas are the best kind of toys, they can appear out of thin air, are free to explore, can be combined to make new ideas and sometimes can even lead to great fortune for the idea maker, or great miss-fortune for those in its path. "Be careful what you wish for" Mum As with the … Continue reading FinTech, DeFi & the rise of the Citizen Banker

The Politicking of Idealogical Crypto Corporations

While I can't tell you the exact moment I decided to take on the challenge of communicating the values of blockchain to regular folk, what I can tell you is that my concerns run deep, never more than now in 2020. Working in communications the entire objective is the transfer of informative and sometimes entertaining … Continue reading The Politicking of Idealogical Crypto Corporations

First Video Log for project FF

For those of you that followed the Making an Influencer project can now follow the production and the ongoing development of the resulting film here. In order to not have Google index these posts in associating with the film project; i will use the title 'FF' for the film project going forward. Below you will … Continue reading First Video Log for project FF


Becoming a filmmaker in 2020, who'd be crazy enough to try such a thing without the adequiet capital and resources? Well, i decided i am ready, and just about crazy enough. I've been working with video production, primarily in the documentary format since 2014, i've produced over 500 videos from startup commercials, social ads, journalistic … Continue reading Filmtrepreneurial

Month 8 of Making an Influencer (Video) Notes and links: Another look at LBRY Kenneth Bosak live stream? Wrote the next track concept - based on the revolution will not be decentralized Cover of RATM cover in acoustic style by Bengt: Gate crashed an AMA with Chromia: Centralized persona at website Started trying out LBRY: New … Continue reading Month 8 of Making an Influencer (Video)

Introducing a film about fake influence

Now heading in to month 9 of the Making an Influencer experiment, i am developing the project in a direction i have been thinking a lot about. Mockumentary film. Why Mockumentary? I believe one of the best ways to reach a wider audience with an important message is though comedy, especially satire. When it comes … Continue reading Introducing a film about fake influence

Updating an Icon Part 2

Please note this is part of the making an influencer experiment, now in its 7 month. You can read part 1 here.  'Testify' by RATM is one of the most iconic songs of my youth, i can vividly remember jumping around in the local mosh pit to it, It was an age of war and … Continue reading Updating an Icon Part 2


Snowbridge is a fintech startup building solutions in Taiwan using ChromaWay technology. In this video they discuss their experience working with us, and describe how relational blockchain has supported some of their projects including building an eID solution called YesID, a blockchain notary system called Blockchain Witness, and their work with Taiwan’s land registry.   … Continue reading Snowbridge

Presentation Video – CapChap

As part of my work at ChromaWay i recently documented and produced an in depth video presentation on a new application of blockchain technology for startups to manage their share registry, and in the future for investors to manage their cap tables. Below are three videos, the trailer 0:58, the demo 13:38 and the deep … Continue reading Presentation Video – CapChap