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Blockchain Based Bowie Bonds (1 min read)

Being well and truly wrapped up in the madness that is digital currency, i am often coming across what appear to be rather interesting projects, indeed i have even in the past tried to help others understand some of these unique adaptations of Blockchain technology. Check out the video i made on how to get hold of DAO tokens back in May 2016.

Although its next to impossible to vet all these individual projects unless you can commit full time or manage some sort of team, this latest catch SingularDTV – striked me as quite interesting indeed. What hooked me about the project – is mostly due to my search for a sustainable revenue model for video content that i am in the middle of producing, i would really like to monetise the distribution in a new way, and a way in which all those persons contributing in the production are satisfied with their compensation.

Another reason i was attracted by SingularDTV was the fact Zach LeBeau
the CEO shows up in all their PR materials, and appears to come across very genuine and engaged. He also shares his back story – which for me is super important to understand quickly – why is this guy doing this? – whats the motivation? To be clear this post is not to serve as an endorsement for SingularDTV as so far they are yet to launch anything however, i understand that will happen very soon, do your own due diligence, do not rely on others to do it for you.

For me owning some SNGLS (price at writing: 0.00009879) means i feel like i am contributing to something that is being built with which i can align some of my values, i appreciate and respect the people trying to build this platform however, that does not mean it will succeed no matter how good their intentions.

So this brings me to the main reason why i am excited by the idea of Singular DTV, and why i think this model could be helpful to other startups in the future. Zach LeBeau clearly presents his back story and inspiration, and most importantly – it’s simple to understand.

The concept for SingularDTV is rooted in a spectacular but lest remembered moment in history where in 1997 along with David Pullman, the person responsible for “Bowie Bonds – David Bowie tokenize himself using an asset-backed security which uses the current and future revenue from albums recorded by the musician as collateral, he then put out these bonds on Wall Street raising some 55 million USD. Bowie bonds represented one of the first instances of a bond that used intellectual property as the underlying collateral. Billboard have a great post on the story of Bowie bonds here.

As i have understood the Singular DTV platform so far, Zach LeBeau now suggests that soon this type of operation of issuing asset-backed securities for your creative endeavours will be available in an easy to use format through the Singular DTV platform. Being a wannabe filmmaker – this platform model comes across as very attractive to me.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to reach out to me on twitter @richtella


What’s the format Rich?

ANSWER: Just like the Pizza Burger BBQ Chicken, the format is not any one thing in particular, but instead all things all at the same time.

Its common knowledge that one is typically recommended to blog about a single particular subject of interest, but why? One of the top reasons as i understand it, is so that you can align yourself as a blogger/authority on your chosen subject matter. Another is so that you may have a way to monetise your content as you develop your voice within your chosen space i.e “influencer marketing”.

But what are the potential drawbacks of such narrowing down of ones blog? what if you simply do not want to narrow down your online content offering to just one single topic or subject?

From my observations it seems the bloggers that get away without zooming in on a single subject, typically themselves become the subject matter – think youtube celebrity types such as Casey Neistat. Perhaps they started out with a niche subject but eventually they themselves became bigger than the subject they set out to cover, when this happens, the audience has indicated to the blogger – or in the case of Casey Neistat ‘vlogger’ – and likely due to their interpretation of their channels youtube or facebook analytics, that they (the blogger) should share more of their personal life.

Those who typically enter down that path become very much a celebrity, and begin to develop their personal brand within that space. In doing this they are able to branch out in to almost any sub-genre they like, as they themself are now the reason people watch – no longer are people watching because the blogger is an authority on a specific subject.

A problem i have had, and as you can tell; continue to have, is that i have many interests, and they all tend to overlap. My very first blog was the MMMDo blog, where i would simply make things (typically furniture) film or photograph what i made, then attempt to stitch some sort of useful blog post together, i was surprised recently when i checked up on my blogs associated youtube channel to find one of my videos has nearly 25K views.  to bad i had not monetised the video as i had used some third party content which i had forgotten to remove.

My second blog was where i took what i had learned about video production on the MMMDo blog and attempted to apply it to the subject of digital currency, i stuck mainly to interviews with people working in the space and also some ‘How To’ videos this blog helped me learn more about the technology used in digital currencies as well as improving my video production skills. From the very start my mind was on producing a documentary in this space, due to the unique and fascinating subject matter and the fact that those early days were so all over the place (thanks to the ongoing scaling debate, to some extent they still are)

As part of blog i also published video diary entries from the early days of starting a company, the video series originally entitled Starting Up loosely documented my progress as an entrepreneur just when i had begun doing entrepreneurial things, the concept went through several adaptations as i tried to find the best format, but eventually i put the concept to bed on a youtube channel called Start Up Slam.

I went on to start blogging for Qwids, a startup company i founded with a group of amazing people all working to develop a service that lives at the crossroads between (old world) loyalty points and (new world) digital currency. Blogging for a corporation proved rather demanding, and i know i know – one must blog regularly; but the research involved for this subject is very demanding, and although really fun as i learned a lot about the subject matter – in a startup there is only so much time to go around. The last post i made was in March, I do intend to pick this blog up again as soon as we have made the necessary changes to our UX and gotten the traction we need in the market; hopefully by August 2017 : )

This brings us to now, and here, this blog. What’s the format Rich? What’s the niche? Who’s your target Rich? Truth is, i don’t have any of those things. I am just writing about stuff i do, linking to past blog posts and sometimes writing about stuff i am interested in, but not so knowledgeable on. That’s all.

The Story Will Reveal Itself in the Material

This is a cross post from my BitJoin blog started in early 2015, with additional comments.

Over the last week or so and very much thanks to youtube channels such as This Guy Edits, and DSLRguide i have finally jumped in and begun cutting my first short documentary, something i have wanted to do for a hell of a long time, indeed – a documentary i have been wanting to make for many many years now. A short documentary film with primary focus on the Bitcoin Startups i have interviewed here in Sweden over the last few years.

I have decided on a more human and down to earth approach (as best as i can : ) this will not be a technical Bitcoin-only related documentary but, more geared towards following several young companies working in the space and capturing their experiences along the way.

As you may know, if you have watched any of my earlier interviews on this blog or on YouTube, i interviewed a number of founding members of Bitcoin related startups here in Stockholm, i am now once again starting to do the rounds and catching up with the founders nearly 2 years later, to see how these founders are getting on with their businesses and to see if their perspective might have changed over the years.

With focus on their challenges and how they have overcome them, i aim to tell the story of 6 Swedish companies and the individual founders personal experiences; of course, as well as their take on the future.

As you will have noticed back then, my video production was rather amature looking and to be frank i went on this journey initially so that i could learn & improve my production technique, as well as learn more about Bitcoin technology companies.

I now feel that my production skills are at a level where i can produce a compelling short documentary film around this topic with these previously conducted interviews as a launch pad.

Please consider sharing links and interviews or even make a small donation to help cover my costs as i travel around interviewing these extraordinary individuals.

Alan Watts Narrates My Life

It’s been a long time since i last listened to any Alan Watts lectures, but i still have mobile notifications set to ‘ON’ for the @AllanWattsDaily Twitter account. I think i was around my early 20s when i started listening to him somewhat frequently (I tend to binge on topics intensely for a while before moving on to the next interesting thing) I would listen to his lectures and early readings about Eastern Philosophy and in particular Taoism, i became quite enamored by his words and the way in which he stringed them together. While practising some slow motion video shooting in the woods over the weekend, i decided to make a short montage and in doing so concluded nothing happens in these clips, nothing.

Listen to most video production professionals on the various youtube channels available for learning video production and they all typically say your goal is to captivate the audience, there are many ways to achieve this and i wondered if by adding Alan’s take on nothingness to my clip montage (with mainly nothing happening) i might capture something else within the viewer.

Built to Shoot

Back in September 2013 i had just moved in to an apartment with my girlfriend, and as the apartment was empty and we were rather strapped for cash i decided to start making furniture to fill the space.

At the very same time i was in the middle of developing my skills in video production and thought what a perfect way to combine both endeavours. I threw up a blog called MMMDo and began on my merry way.

As i built and documented my various projects it wasn’t long before i started to build equipment to help me get more pro-looking shots of the furniture i was making. This process has stuck with me to this day, partly due to cash constraints but more due to my view that the equipment i needed for filming wasn’t that overly technical to build.

I would start by searching online for the piece of equipment that i needed in order to get the shot i wanted. I would then search for the manual to go with the equipment so i could identify each part i would need to build. From there i would head in to the workshop and try to find the materials i needed in order to build each component. If i was missing something essential to the build, i would head over to the hardware store and search for something i could modify to fit my requirements.

Two pieces of equipment (in my opinion) essential to any film makers arsenal is the shoulder-rig and camera-slider. These two pieces of equipment allow you to capture the shots you need with great flexibility.

Evolution of the Camera-sliders i have built:

BeFunky Collage.jpg

Evolution of the Shoulder-rigs i have built:

1BeFunky Collage.jpg

As you see my early builds started in wood, as wood is a super versatile material and having worked with building furniture up to that point i had a bunch of it lying around the workshop. The images you see to the right show the equipment i use today and are entirely modeled on the consumer level equipment you can buy online.

I get a deep satisfaction from building my own equipment, not only does it save me money, it allows me to get the shots i need in order to create videos with more dynamic camera motion. There is a wealth of information online for young inspiring film makers and video producers, you dont need to be technically minded to build these types of equipment, all you need is the desire to get the shot, and then start working towards how you can achieve it.