In the first part of this video (up to minute 8) we touch on the following aspects of the production of The Fakefluencer film project:

  1. Location scouting
  2. Rehearsals
  3. Shooting at Tom Gillespies home in Australia
  4. VR Avatar & Cryptopia development 
  5. Studio shoot scenes
  6. We started a Gumroad store:
  7. Put up a crypto scamdemic victims wall:
  8. Continue to strive to developing the alternate reality game concept
  9. Soundcloud –  Toms interviews:
  10. Dans The WetwareIA podcast shoutout:
  11. Linus Dunkers book:
  12. Bengt Sjoberg Band:
  13. EuclidOaks 2.0 show Toms audio message recording:
  14. LBRYandUNITED:
  15. The ODYSEEkers:

After minute 8 we hear from the wonderful and very cool cats in the discord group that have contributed so much creatively to the project. Happy holidays to all of you! And thanks for sticking with us : )

Know someone that would enjoy this project? Invite them to the premiere and behind the scenes here:

Rich Tella
Producer – The Fakefluencer

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