(Poem) The Revolution Will Not Be Decentralized

A recent poetic track, a retake on a famous classic that i created as part of the Making An Influencer project. This track went down well with the BitTube crowd getting nearly two thousand views in under 24 hours. Check out more music by the BitMan character here. https://youtu.be/2AXyZdxgSZU REMIXED LYRICS: You will not be … Continue reading (Poem) The Revolution Will Not Be Decentralized

When Is Truth Born?

Is the media, specifically the so-called mainstream media invested in polarising and dividing its audience? By injecting controversial ideas and opinions into the wider conversation do they end up creating more news for them to report on? Well yes, arguably sometimes they do. Whether they do it intentionally or not is up for debate. The … Continue reading When Is Truth Born?

Video: Scouting locations for The FF

As we move closer to the production phase it's time to start planning the various scenes and where they will be shot, here's a short video of our recent trip (amid the corona pandemic) in to Stockholm to explore our options for filming. Special thanks to Alex for playing cameraman for the day. Follow the … Continue reading Video: Scouting locations for The FF

The FF Production Update

On March 22nd 2020 i put fingers to keyboard and began to write my first feature length film. As some of you may know i have been developing an online character that pokes fun at the crypto-influencer persona so prevalent in the cryptocurrency space, you can learn more about my motivations for that (ongoing) project … Continue reading The FF Production Update

En flygel till Mälsåkers slott

We did it! We raised the funds needed to install a grand piano at the historical location Mälsåkers slott.


A recent care in the community crowdfunding project i worked on with the team at Mälsåkers slott.

Learn more and support the initiative here

Insamlingen till en flygel för konserter i Riddarsalen på Mälsåkers slott är i full gång. Den 5 oktober hade vi fått in nära 20 000 kr men det är fortfarande långt kvar till de 150 000 kr som en bra begagnad flygel kostar.

Små som stora bidrag är välkomna per swish 123 254 24 13 eller till bankgiro 5408-8042. Märk betalningen med din e-postadress eller ditt telefonnummer.

Se videon där den välkända pianisten Martin Sturfält berättar hur han ser på vårt projekt.

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Föreningen Mälsåkers Framtid

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Month 8 of Making an Influencer (Video)

  https://youtu.be/Ok9Zh2lr-6Q Notes and links: Another look at LBRY Kenneth Bosak live stream? Wrote the next track concept - based on the revolution will not be decentralized Cover of RATM cover in acoustic style by Bengt: https://bittube.tv/post/9616651a-873d-4a77-b9f3-c42499d1817b Gate crashed an AMA with Chromia: https://bittube.tv/post/2c9d48e7-4a71-4c1b-a787-0e3d57925da9 Centralized persona at website https://bitmanthreesixty.wordpress.com/ Started trying out LBRY: https://lbry.tv/@bitman360:d New … Continue reading Month 8 of Making an Influencer (Video)