If Facebook was Owned by its Users

Re-post from one year ago. Let’s talk about decentralized ownership of our social media platforms.



In the current decentralised application development landscape we see slowly unfolding, it’s very easy to disregard the end user, they are after all faceless anybodies to some extent. If a marketer were to try segment out persons that are most likely to be interested in a new decentralised social media application for example they would quickly realise that the app being decentralized does not really mean much to many.

There’s two ways to approach that problem, one way is scaring people away from the established networks by highlighting the naughty behaviours of those mega corporations monetising our data, which is already being done to some extent right now thanks to quality investigative journalism and new regulatory tools such as GDPR.

Another way is to paint a picture of how things could be. I recently asked a friend why she thought that even though we have known about Facebook and…

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