Introducing a film about fake influence

Now heading in to month 9 of the Making an Influencer experiment, i am developing the project in a direction i have been thinking a lot about. Mockumentary film. Why Mockumentary? I believe one of the best ways to reach a wider audience with an important message is though comedy, especially satire. When it comes … Continue reading Introducing a film about fake influence

How to tell if you’re still a Slacktivist in 2020

Personally i don't like getting political on social media largely because i perceive it as ineffective, but as everything can and is politicised here i go. Having strong opinions and expressing them online frequently often appears to serve more as an outlet for the individual, a way to vent, to feel like they're taking action, … Continue reading How to tell if you’re still a Slacktivist in 2020

If Facebook was Owned by its Users

Re-post from one year ago. Let’s talk about decentralized ownership of our social media platforms.


In the current decentralised application development landscape we see slowly unfolding, it’s very easy to disregard the end user, they are after all faceless anybodies to some extent. If a marketer were to try segment out persons that are most likely to be interested in a new decentralised social media application for example they would quickly realise that the app being decentralized does not really mean much to many.

There’s two ways to approach that problem, one way is scaring people away from the established networks by highlighting the naughty behaviours of those mega corporations monetising our data, which is already being done to some extent right now thanks to quality investigative journalism and new regulatory tools such as GDPR.

Another way is to paint a picture of how things could be. I recently asked a friend why she thought that even though we have known about Facebook and…

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“On the Internet, Nobody Knows You’re a Bot” (Qwids-CrossPost)

How will we know when we’re talking with bots online? (Repost from 2017)

“Brilliant! Best one so far” – Bot #2395895

When it comes to real genuine human relationships, how many of you would choose to automate the majority of your person to person interactions? How might it make the person you are talking to feel if they found out they were talking to a bot instead of you? I ask this question because many people today are saying the bot’s are coming – it is my opinion they are already here, and chances are you have spoken or interacted with one online without realising.

Last month I decided to try a few of these bot services out, one such service states on its website:

“Our main goal has always been to create user-friendly Instagram automation tool that mimic one’s natural behavior.”

The thing with ‘mimicking one’s natural behavior’ is that it suggests there is such a thing as natural behavior on the internet. When…

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Extreme Attention

I have been living in Sweden for a little over three years, the other day something happened that certain communities on the internet and around the world have been suggesting would happen for quite some time. Ever since Sweden made the headlines for supposedly letting in too many syrian refugees in 2015, right up to the recent (ill informed) commentary from one well known power-man in the USA, a man whose name i refuse to utter in this post.

As those of you know by now – a deranged individual drove a truck into a crowd of people killing four and injuring many right in the middle of central Stockholm. When i heard the news i was just minutes out of a meeting with a young Syrian refugee.

I had agreed to meet this person because i had been informed by a colleague that the young Syrian had a dream…

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Guldmaskinen Film – Public Screening: 20/03/2020

On the 20th of March 2020 at 12 noon we will be showing the Guldmaskinen film at Multeum in Strängnäs, you can find directions to the event here.  The event is free and after the film, conversations with the producers will follow. Learn more at the Guldmaskinen Facebook page here. The film Guldmaskinen premiered in … Continue reading Guldmaskinen Film – Public Screening: 20/03/2020

Month 7 of Making an Influencer

  Thanks for staying tuned in to this experiment, this month i only made on piece of content, but it was possibly one of the most fun pieces i have made yet, check it out here: and if your feeling overly spiritual dont forget to join the MOD here: This month (amongst … Continue reading Month 7 of Making an Influencer