Here’s where the camera took me in 2017

In 2017 we took the Tellafoto lens to many new places, and met many new and interesting people, here’s a wrap up of what happened in 2017.

Starting in Västrås we began the year interviewing professional YouTuber Simon Berneblad, to gather insight on behalf of startup Qwids, on what its like being an influencer in the YouTube world. Next, heading up to Rättvik in northern sweden, we interviewed a Swedish chef widely thought to be the inspiration for the famous muppets character the Swedish chef, and of course we did a little snowboarding.

In early spring we returned back down south, we pitched the Guldmaskinen film project at Filmisormland in Örebro, and gathered some sound feedback. We also worked on commercial projects with two local companies NutriFarm and Aerfast, we had a lot of fun and learned a lot about working with actors. Around the same time we continued our work interviewing for the follow up film to Founded, and the second Bitjoin Film, we continued to develop and publish to the Bitjoin YouTube channel.

At the start of the summer we worked closely with Stränge Brew to develop some cool new video concepts that helped highlight the brewing processes and the founders vision and values when it came to making quality beer. We produced an experimental short film called “Hold your terror close” about a women that needs to find her lover but is held back by her own inner turmoil.

We helped Annie Wallin with her final exhibition piece, based on an analogue animation, which became animated digitaly, the video was made up of of male persons discussing how they deal with feeling down, and how they deal and cope with feeling in such a way.

We captured our first firework display for Pyro AB with our aerial camera drone, a job that took great planning and coordination. In mid summer we traveled to Greece and enjoyed the sea and sun, captured some of the local scenery and practiced taking time off : )

On to Jersey in the UK where we learned a little about the local history, and interviewed locals about what it means to live on and be form Jersey. In early autumn upon returning back to Sweden we were once again heading up north to climb Swedens tallest mountain; Kebnekaise, all for a charitable cause; Klättra for Livet, the producers aim to tell the story off their best friend that took his life through depression, and how metal health awareness is key to prevention.

After climbing and filming Kebnekaise and upon returning back down south we continued our work interviewing key witnesses for the documentary Guldmaskinen, we created a new team and a strong strategy for how to move the project in to post production. We created helpful how to videos for new users of startup Qwids services and their associated Apps, and produced our first short tellafoto series on mobile video making.

As we moved into the winter we produced the bitcoin internetdagaran event in Stockholm capturing, producing and distributing all the video content, we also conducted an interview with key figure in the bitcoin space Andreas Antonopoulos. We wrapped up the year by producing a short film about life on Lindö for, a story of a very special island and lifestyle based in lake maleren. Concluding the year by producing a very first rough cut of our film about the Swedish chef.

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Happy New Year to you all!

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