Klättra För Livet – Film Projekt. 

This coming September i will join a wonderful group of guys on a mission to climb the largest mountain in Sweden, AKA Kebenkaiser.

The project is called Klättra För Livet (Climb for Life) and is a homage to Christopher and Niklas friend that took his own life last year, their friend had always wanted to climb Kebenkaiser but never made it to the top – our job is to get a photograph of the friend to the top of the mountain and make a short film along the way. The films purpose will be to raise awareness around mental health issues, and mainly comprise of conversation about mental health and their memories of their friend between Niklas and Christopher as they climb the mountain.

The team comprises of five of us, three of us in the film crew; Peter, myself and David. With Christoffer and Niklas in front of the camera, we plan to get up and down in one day, which is usually around 12 hours when not filming a documentary. I am under the impression it will take us north of 16 hours if weather permits. Alternatively, and something we can not possibly know before hand – if the weather is fine we can also camp on a glacier half way up, in this way we can break the climb in to two parts that will unfold over two days, and will not require us to return to base camp.

The dates are set and we will begin the trip on the 14th of September 2017, if you would like to follow our progress, check out the Klättra För Livet FB page.


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