Coin Magnet

If you had asked me in 2013 if I wanted to become a magnet for every other Blockchain Startup pitching their ideas over LinkedIn I would likely have told you hell yeah! However, now in 2017 that has become true, I receive offers and pitches to join the next big thing in crypto almost every day now. 

It takes a substantial amount of time to vet a new idea in the crypto space. You have to read a hell of a lot, and be constantly aware of who is writing and how their values may be aligned in the space. I am also acutely aware of the massive amount of scams in the space and that the number one way of getting fucked over is through conditioning; so called social engineering. 

Being early to the space and spreading out my interests among multiple coins has been both a blessing and a curse. It has allowed me unique perspective sure, but it also opened me up to a lot of bull shit, not so much due to the technology itself, but more the people and companies providing service around the various projects. 

The landscape has never been so overwhelming for a new comer to enter, I myself have trouble staying up to date with all the various developments and opertunities. Over the years, numerous times I have decided to quit trading only to start up again 6 months later. 

I am currently in a not-trading state and every time I do stop I get almost instantly more happier. Trading crypto is exhilarating don’t get me wrong, but you need to be rigid in your attentiveness, for me I have been on a trading hiatus for many months now, but now – a new wave appears to have arrived, and I feel myself being sucked back in to the emotional rollacoaster that is trading crypto.

On top of this, these days I am also hit up with IPO offers left right and center. Not to mention all the partnership offers, the problem for me is finding the time. 

The first time I got board with trading back in 2014, I decided I wanted to build a company in the space. For me it would be much more fulfilling than just moving money around at the right time,  a practice I still am in two minds about. (Create no value and get rich)

Recently, the company I started building back in 2014 permenantly unhooked from the Blockchain. It was largely due to the protocols we were using no longer being relevant to our case, partly tied to the block size debate and cost of transactions and party due to concerns for the future of the Bitcoin Blockchain by those in our core team. 

Leaving that tech behind that so Inspied me to start down this journey left me with an odd taste in my mouth.  Part of me knows it’s the right thing to do right now, and part of me is a little upset that all the potential applications of the technology that inspired me, appear to be constantly hitting man-made obstacles. 

I foresee a future where if successful we will bring back the technology and perhaps at that time the applications for the tech will be more plug and play. 

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