Journey Logging – Jlogging?

A few years ago i set out on a journey i have never been on before, and much like travel bloggers that document their travels in to unchartered territories i also began to keep a video diary of my experiences.

I chose a video diary format partly because my writing skills are horrendous, and partly because i wanted to get more confident speaking to the camera. And off course i figured there could be some good documentary material in it. From the beginning i was more than aware (as you can tell form the early trailer i made) that this journey could very well have been a tainted one, and it’s largely why i kept the videos on my hard drive for the first 6 months or so, these videos began to accumulate and for some reason, at some point in time i decided to start putting them online, in the public sphere.

At the end of 2016 i decided to give publishing a rest, i continue to make diary entries once a month, and the project is still very much under way. A lack of time and attention needed to publishing these entries has prevented me from continuing and progressing to a level i feel happy with, and so this…

I leave the diary entires online as a sort of archive of early occurrences, so that there can be no doubt how this journey began. As far as finding out where it will lead me, well that’s for another season of videos. And perhaps that could be quite an interesting quest for another film maker to go on? If i only publish half the story and my journey is a success will others come looking for the rest of the diary entries to find out what happend?  Or if indeed the result is failure, will anyone come looking, trying to find out the rest of the story? Who knows, all i know is that i am glad i published them even if they do come back to haunt me later on in life.

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