The Surreal Dyslexic

I have a confession to make. I am a terrible writer, (what? – you hadn’t guessed) i don’t particularly enjoy the established rules around writing, and was told i am Dyslexic many many moons ago; but do you know what! I really really really love the format, especially the stream of consciousness style made famous by Surrealist Automatism. I applied it to a lot of my early sketchbooks and Artwork too.

It was 2006 when i was first told i may be Dyslexic; i was most way through my dissertation on Hypnopedia at that time, and the lady that diagnosed me was in charge of proofreading students dissertations, after my own tutor read my paper i was advised to get together with her, and when we first met she stated that she really enjoyed reading my paper, she said it read as if it was a pure stream of consciousness; the only problem was – we were in an academic setting and certain rules applied if i wished to get a good outcome from my time at university.

A large amount of my inspiration at university came from the surrealist movement, especially in DaDa, and with particular regard to Man Ray and his photographic darkroom techniques. I also had deep but very critical interest in the Advertising industry’s somewhat questionable techniques, and how they could be used to sway people’s opinions, thoughts even actions.

Being Dyslexic, or as i later investigated perhaps more Dyspraxic depending on who i was reading or talking with, has never really bothered me. I have written tons of journal entries and even partaken in some abstract blogging, even a few books (which have never been published) and i do it because i enjoy it, it’s frustrating – it really is, but i love the power of the ‘word’ and i enjoy the fact that most great things; or ideas for great things; stem from it first being written down somewhere. It’s why i have almost always carried a notebook with me, you see, i generate a lot of ideas throughout the day, many of which are not fully realised in the moment until they are later cross-pollinated with other ideas from another time and place.

Now we are all online, numerous different individuals from multiple cultural backgrounds are all writing in English on the internet in an effort to be heard by the rest of the world, or at least the part of the world in which they want attention. This, to many has lowered the standards of the written word tremendously, especially according to the so called “gramma nazi’s” of which there are many on the internet.

I do understand the importance of being understood when using the written word, and i do always try to use punctuation where i can/should, and believe it or not i do think i have improved since back in 2006; i bloody hope so anyway. But, why, if people get the general gist of what i am trying to say, why then, must people in general cop so much shit for not using the correct spelling and punctuation online? Does it really confuse the reader that much? or does it force them to interpret the words as best they can – in the process perhaps skewing the original meaning slightly? Haven’t the words written down for millenia’s meaning always been skewed to some extent?

Do the majority of people reading something not in an academic setting; interpret what they read how they wish? And when the writer writes these somethings, does he have a responsibility to be understood? I dont know, but what i do know is that writing for me is hard, but i enjoy it, and if you cannot understand me when i write that, then perhaps i am not meant to be read by you.

Typically at this point i would head back to the top of the page and sprinkle punctuation all over the paragraphs in an effort to make the flow of my writing more readable, and so i shall.

Or did i?


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