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I’ve been producing videos since 2014 starting with ‘How to’ videos for my up-cycle blog – MakeMendMakeDo. In 2015 i started Tellafoto and began shooting video commercially, producing and marketing real estate video, i moved on to producing short documentary-style commercials and in early 2017 under my label BitJoin i published my first documentary short about six blockchain startup founders in Stockholm Sweden, entitled – Founded.

As part of project BitJoin i interviewed some of the most innovative people in blockchain, including my tutor at UNIC, and world renowned blockchain expert Andreas M. Antonopoulos resulting in a three part series on the subjects of Money, Politics & Business. 

Since 2017 i have produced several more documentary shorts, you can check them out right here.

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SWEKrona film crew interview with Rich Tella

Name: Rich Tella Position: Producer What makes you want to join the SWEkrona film project? Ever since I became interested in cryptocurrency back in 2013, in the days of the Altcoin there was much chatter in the forums about how banks and governments would eventually adopt the cryptocurrency technology  known as blockchain.  Now, six years … Continue reading SWEKrona film crew interview with Rich Tella

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