After moving to Sweden in 2014 Rich began practicing photography and then videography in his spare time, he also enrolled on the world’s first digital currency course out of the University of Nicosia. This course inspired Rich to start Qwids, a platform for brands to develop their customer relationships using loyalty tokens managed on the original Bitcoin Blockchain. Rich grew his knowledge on both subjects through interviewing Blockchain startup founders in Stockholm, France, Copenhagen and Jersey, a practice he still continues to this day. Overtime Rich developed his skills & understanding to a level in which he felt he could start offering his video production services to local companies and organisations.  In 2015 Rich made several short commercials for local businesses and began work on Guldmaskinen Documentary. In 2016 Rich began with real estate video and has successfully helped local agents sell properties using video on social mediA. In 2017 Rich RELEASED his very first DOCUMENTARY short entitled founded, the film tells the story of six swedish entrepreneurs working to build businesses in the BLOCKCHAIN space and was filmed in 2015. the follow up film is currently in PRODUCTION stage. connect with rich on linkedin or twitter.